What we do

Northamptonshire day centre for adults who need additional learning support

Smile Day Centre

At SMILE we offer:


  • Person Centred Planning - This enables us to discover what someone's goals are and how we can work towards them together whilst the client remains fully in control.


  • A friendly, Social Atmosphere - Our client base is deliberately small so it is suitable for group activities. Smile is a great place to mix with peers as well as making lasting friendships.


  • Volunteering Roles - Volunteering is an excellent way of building confidence, learning new skills and is rewarding, offering job satisfaction and pride. If an opportunity arises we will fully support someone into paid employment; internally or externally.


  • Meaningful Activities - Not just 'Arts and Crafts' for the sake of it! When we do Arts and Crafts we do it for a purpose. When our clients make something we like to have a stall and show off what we create.


  • Agricultural Responsibilities - We are in the process of building an allotment where we can grow our own produce. Clients are more than welcome to take these home.


  • A Healthy Living - It is important to us that our clients lead a healthy life style, so we like to encourage fun exercise. This can be through dance classes, country walks and much more.


  • Recreational Activities - As a group we will choose what to do and plan how we will achieve this. (E.g. Cinema - What to watch? - What time? - Will we use the car, walk or get the bus?)


  • Updated Records of Achievements - We will provide clients with a portfolio of their work that shows any training, qualifications or independent living skills gained.


  • Involvement With Families and Care Providers - Any suggestions by family members and/or care providers is welcome. This is to ensure the client is getting the most out of our service.

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